Time of my life


There is never enough time.We have come to realize 24 hours are just not enough, one day cannot achieve it all.Fate threw Romeo and Juliet together, only for time to rip them apart.365 days are simply too little to become what we’ve promised a year ago.But we owe it to ourselves to race against time and hope for the best.

Sometimes the hero finally makes the right choice. But the timing is all wrong. And, as they say, timing is everything. 

My point is, time is exactly what I lack right now, when degrees and applications are coming all together .But I’ve chosen now to start this lifestyle diary, where I want to share with whoever knocks on my door, stories of my wardrobe, food and voyages. This has been an old dream of mine and luckily, I have had the most amazing people in my life that encouraged me along the way.

Value your time, beautiful people.And most importantly, make it matter together with someone else !


Love ,




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